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FIFA Football 2007

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FIFA Football 2007 is a Sports game in which you can act as a professional football player from home. This game is developed by the well-known company EA Canada.

This game allows you to feel like if you were playing in a real stadium with an important football team. Thanks to its realistic graphics and design, you couldn’t differentiate between reality and fiction.

FIFA Football 2007 Features

Here you will find some of the main features of this sports game:

  • During the matches, the cameras will broadcast every move and the celebrations you do
  • You can manage different teams
  • Players can be injured due to falls, bad movements,…
  • Passing, shooting and crossing techniques have been improved
  • You can choose to play the manager mod

If you want further information about this game you can visit the developer’s website

Similar games

EA Sports has made several versions of FIFA game, in which FIFA 12 stands out for its realism and also for the online mode. This mode allows you to play with other people from the other side of the world. The realism is shown in players’ gestures and not only when they are playing!

Following with new versions but from the direct rival of that company, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013is other good alternative. You will enjoy also with its realism but especially for playing with the well-known football players.


FIFA Football 2007 is a quite simple game with new features that will involve you in a complete realism of being playing in a real football national team with the stars of this sport.

Some restricted functions

Certain limit of time

  • Quite realistic
  • Manager Mode
  • Keeping its authenticity
  • Lack of novelties


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